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MediFone Personal Alarm    $600

-$520 pendant
-$80 Telstra SIM 12 mth plan with auto-recharge


        Functions :

  • 1.  SOS/Emergency button - When help is needed, press the SOS button and the unit will call contacts on the list

  • You can speak through the pendant to get help, using it as a mini mobile phone 

  • If the first contact doesn't answer, it will continue down the list of contacts

  • If contacts don't answer, they will receive a text that includes a GPS link to locate the pendant using Google maps

  • 2.  The side button can directly call one contact. This can be useful for contacting your carer/main contact person

  • 3. Anyone can call the unit. The unit will auto-answer when called. This function can be used to check in with the user

  • 4. GPS Tracker- The pendant can be sent a text to find the location of the user. The pendant can be used as a tracker by sending a text with F12345, it will reply with a google maps link to find the person/pendant using a GPS locator

  • 5. Fall detection- This function can be activated. When the user falls, the pendant will automatically call contacts 

  • 6. Water-resistant - Pendants are water-resistant. We do recommend not to wear them in the shower as shampoo and soap may block the speaker. We sell shower bags for additional purchase to protect the pendant in the shower

  • 7.Geofence - Perimeter can be set- if the pendant goes outside of the area, contacts will be alerted. Great safety feature for clients with dementia that wander.

Pendant Features:
Our 4G pendants work anywhere, inside and outside, using the mobile network. Not connected to a base station or affected by the NBN,  so no need for a landline and will not be affected by power outages.


  • Up to 8 contact numbers can be programmed, including 000

  • Easy to use, just press SOS BUTTON to get help

  • Contacts receive a phone call from the pendant

  • If the contact does not answer, the pendant leaves a text, then calls the next contact

  • You can also call the pendant anytime, to have a chat or check on the user

  • Pendant will automatically answer in speakerphone mode. ( no need to press any buttons)

  • Easy to recharge, just place in charging cradle overnight- Charges in1 hour

  • Falls detector can be activated

  • A geofence option can be added, the pendant will alarm when the user leaves the area

  • The pendant has a GPS Tracker and can be located by sending a text, it will then send you a GPS location with a google maps link



    Pendant and charger;

  • Programming;

  • Lanyard;

  • SIM card activation (credit extra);

  • Express courier delivery



Wrist Band

Easily fits pendant

Belt Clip

Shower Bag 

Protects pendant in the shower

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