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$520 + Plan;12 mth plan with auto-recharge 


1. SOS button: tap and hold to activate. Calls up to 6 contacts one at a time until someone answers the phone.


2. You can also call the mCareWatch anytime, to have a chat or check on the user. mCareWatch will automatically answer in speakerphone mode.

3. Direct dial: you can direct dial contacts from the watch

4. GPS location can be checked anytime using the web portal and/or mobile app.


5.  WATERPROOF and can be worn in the shower.

6. Fall Detection can be activated (Standard and Premium Plans ONLY).

7. Geofence: Perimeter can be set up ,if the user goes outside of the area, contacts will be alerted . This is a great safety feature for clients with dementia that wander (Standard and Premium Plans ONLY).


8.  Multiple languages available; English, Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Mandarin (enquire at time of purchase)

mCareWatch Features:

Our watches work anywhere, inside and outside, using the mobile network. Not connected to a base station or affected by the NBN, so no need for a landline and will not be affected by power outages.

NOTE: The Basic Plan SIM card includes 30 minutes of voice calls (and unlimited texts) and 25MB of data per month. Additional charges apply for exceeding these minimum thresholds.

The Standard and Premium Plan SIM card includes unlimited voice calls and 1GB of data per month. Additional charges apply for exceeding these minimum thresholds.


  • Up to 6 contact numbers can be programmed, including 000

  • Easy to use, just tap and hold SOS BUTTON to get help

  • Contacts receive a phone call from the watch

  • If the contact does not answer, the watch will call the next contact

  • You can also call the watch anytime, to have a chat or check on the user

  • Watch will automatically answer in speakerphone mode ( no need to press any buttons)

  • Easy to recharge, just connect charger - Charges in1 hour

  • Falls detector can be activated (Standard and Premium Plans ONLY)

  • A geofence option can be added, the watch will alarm when the user leaves the area (Standard and Premium Plans ONLY)

  • The watch has a GPS Tracker and can be located by accessing the web portal of mobile app

Ongoing costs

For monthly or annual costs, mCareWatch will send you an invoice via email for the amount of the plan until you contact mCareWatch and cancel the plan.

mCare will auto-recharge your credit every 12 months, so you will never run out of SIM credit.


     mCareWatch and charger;

  • Programming;

  • SIM card activation (credit extra);

  • Express courier delivery





The mCareWatch smartwatch has met the Dementia Choice standards and received accreditation endorsement status.

 Products endorsed by Dementia Choices are designed to create a dementia-friendly environment, allowing people with dementia to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

Every product endorsed by Dementia Choices meets rigorous standards. Each product is reviewed by an expert Dementia Centre consultant using the Dementia Choices rating tool before a peer-reviewed report is provided.

The accreditation process took over 7 months but we are excited to be able to announce that our product is the only personal alarm to have met this accreditation standard.


What this means is that we can now setup the mCareWatch with specific dementia settings


These settings include:

  • Disable SOS/outgoing calls or can leave SOS button on

  • Specific Watch Face (no branding or SOS button)

  • Look Watch Face

  • Auto-answer

  • Wrist up gesture (time turns on when you raise your hand up)

  • Geo-fence (Safe Zone perimeter)

What we recommend is that anyone interested in using the mCareWatch, should answer the following questions to see if the watch is suitable for them :



Below are four questions that you should be able to answer “YES” to before you purchase the mCareWatch


  1. Does the potential user normally wear a watch?

  2. Does the mCareWatch look like a watch that they would be happy to wear?

  3. Are they likely to remove the watch if they don’t comprehend/recall why they have it?

  4. Will they remember to put it on if it has been on the charger? If the answer is “NO”, is there a carer/family member who can and will be responsible for charging the watch every day?


NOTE: The mCareWatch device is used to support assisted living and remote caregiving by authorised carers and family. The device will not prevent the user from any harm as there are risks associated with using this device if the following steps are not met:

  • the device needs to be re-charged, switched on, and worn by the user

  •  the device needs to be connected to the 4G mobile network

  • the authorised carers/family need  access to the carer’s web portal and/or mobile app

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